The core team of IDHN are fellows and faculty from Harvard in the fields of medicine, public health, computer science and law. The broader network is a distinguished group of local and international partners who are invested in building the digital health ecosystem in India.


Satchit Balsari

Harvard Medical School / Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


Leo Anthony Celi

Harvard Medical School Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tarun Khanna

Lakshmi Mittal South Asia Institute Harvard Business School

Tony Raj

St. John’s Research Institute



Abhishek Bhatia

Researcher Associate 2018 IDHN Fellow

Abijeet Waghmare

St. John’s Research Institute

Akanksha Tikku

Senior Advisor Dell Technologies

Bharat Kalidindi

St. John’s Research Institute

Kiran Anandampillai

National Health Authority / iSpirt Foundation

Mallari Kulkarni

Head, Digital LifeCare Dell Technologies

Nishant Kishore

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Nivedita Saksena

Researcher Associate 2019 IDHN Fellow

Arun Sanjay

Head of Product and Partnerships Dell Technologies

Rahul Matthan

Daksha / Trilegal

Sehj Kashyap

Researcher Associate 2020 IDHN Fellow

Verghese Thomas

St. John’s Research Institute

Ruchika Singhal

President Medtronic LABS

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