Akanksha is a seasoned expert in implementing digital transformation programs in public health settings. She is currently working on Digital LifeCare – a technology platform supporting Government of India’s National Non Communicable Disease Program.

With a rich experience exceeding 12 years, Akanksha has dedicated her career to leveraging technology for the betterment of society. One of her notable accomplishments includes playing a pivotal role in India’s Tuberculosis Control Program, where she led the design and deployment of an innovative IT system that optimized service delivery and significantly enhanced patient outcomes.

Previously, Akanksha held a prominent position at one of India’s leading management consulting firms. There, she successfully led multiple projects in the government and public sector, collaborating closely with central ministries and state governments to drive technology led programs.

Akanksha has a multidisciplinary background, with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee and a Bachelor’s in Biotechnology.

Driven by her strong commitment to improving public health, Akanksha continues to explore digital innovations to tackle critical challenges and create a positive social impact.

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