• Digital Health Needs Finding Study

    India’s first major digital health needs assessment is underway at St John’s & Harvard’s India Digital Health Network.

    Engaging 150+ stakeholders through in-depth interviews, the study aims to guide billions of dollars in AI/data investments for impactful digital health tools.

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  • The Vinyasa Tool for mHealth solutions

    The Vinyasa Tool helps improve digital health platforms like India’s NCD Portal by understanding users’ experiences.

    It draws on mHealth research to assess adoption and suggest design changes, leading to better user uptake and potentially better health outcomes.

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  • Digital Health Innovation Workshop

    India’s leading clinicians, entrepreneurs, and tech experts brainstormed solutions and forged partnerships at the recent Digital Health Innovation Workshop.

    Discussions examined critical healthcare challenges and explored impactful solutions to transform care across the nation.

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  • Regulatory Sandboxes

    Read about these controlled testing environments, how they may help scale-up novel digital health technologies, and the government’s inclusion of them in national digital health policy.

  • API-Enabled Data Ecosystem

    We laid out a roadmap in 2018 for a federated, patient-centered, API-enabled health information ecosystem in India. Read our publication and its impact on the evolving Health Stack.

  • Machine Readable Data Portability

    For meaningful portability in the 21st century, we called for a citizen’s right to health data in machine readable format. See this and our full comments on the Personal Data Protection Bill Draft.


Who We Are

India Digital Health Net (IDHN) is a collaborative of researchers and technologists from India and Harvard advancing digital health implementation science.

What We Do


We conduct pragmatic, field-based implementation research on emerging and nationally-scaled digital health systems.


We analyze proposed digital health policies and make policy recommendations to help the digital health ecosystem flourish.


We disseminate knowledge about successful digital health practice to policy makers, implementors and innovators.

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