Mallari Kulkarni leads Dell Technologies’ flagship social innovation initiative, Digital LifeCare.

Digital LifeCare is a technology platform developed for the Government of India’s national NCD (non-communicable diseases) program. A passionate advocate of digital transformation, Mallari firmly believes large scale social problems can be solved effectively though technology. This mindset guides him in his role, where he is responsible for the platform’s business strategy, engineering execution and on-field product adoption, as well as stakeholder management.

Having worked at Dell Technologies for over a decade in Dell’s storage business, Mallari has held multiple responsibilities including leading product engineering and open-source governance strategy. Mallari has more than 20 years of experience in product engineering leadership, which includes building version 1.0 products from scratch to successful adoption and architecting highly scalable applications for millions of concurrent users. Mallari also has rich domain understanding of various industries such as public health, public-private cloud, SaaS, virtualization. He previously led globally distributed, multicultural teams across regions including USA, Europe and Asia.

Mallari is certified in Executive General Management from IIM Bangalore and has a Master’s in Information Technology from American Continental University (AIU) from Illinois USA. Mallari is currently based in Bangalore, India.

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