From 2018-2019, we began to digitize the primary care ecosystem and launched the API-enabled EHR-lite prototype in Karnataka at the Mugalur Community Health Training Centre (CHTC) following the evaluation of a number of other open-source software available through literature review, hands-on installation, and consultation with experts.

We also conducted Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with the staff of the Mugalur CHTC in to understand physician data needs and gather feedback related to software. Following this, we successfully scaled up the EHR-lite platform to clinics of the Dommsandra Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) and developed user manuals, training manuals and user-friendly manuals for scale-up.

Work in progress

  • Ongoing implementation in Mugalur and Dommasandra Primary Healthcare Centre
  • Partnership with DellEMC to pilot an EHR-lite for primary care

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